Every cleaning service is unique, and each provider offers specific services to maintain your office or place of business to your satisfaction. Dallas Janitorial Services seeks to go beyond what the competition offers to far exceed your expectations. We include many services that other providers do not, and our highly-trained professional staff are ready to make your office or workspace clean, sanitary and safe. What types of cleaning are included with our no-contract cleaning service? We’ll show you:

Included Services

Cleaning/Disinfecting Restrooms

Establishing a cleaning rotation for the restrooms at work isn’t something any employer or business owner wants to do. However, all your restroom’s many surfaces need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly to prevent the spread of germs and illness. Workers are more productive when they aren’t constantly calling out sick.

DJS uses a two-step process to ensure that every surface is both clean and disinfected, and we make sure all cleaning waste is disposed of properly so you don’t have to. You and your employees won’t need to constantly clean the restrooms or run the risk of contracting illnesses due to unsanitary conditions. We come in as often as you need to ensure that all your restrooms stay clean and safe, and you and your team can get back to growing your business.

Office Waste Removal

Emptying trash cans in an office space or at a commercial business location is a never-ending task. It’s also a never-ending source of germs and unsightly mess. The CDC recommends that all trash cans be hands-free and that anyone emptying a trash can should wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Sure, you can have everyone empty their own trash cans, but the potential for spreading germs is significantly higher.

Our office waste removal service provides a safer alternative that doesn’t require your employees to carry trash cans or bags of trash to a dumpster. When we come in to clean your office or business, we will ensure all trash cans are emptied and all waste is properly placed in the appropriate dumpster or bins as needed. Not only do you get a cleaner work environment, but you are showing your team that you care about their health by having their office waste taken out in a way that promotes their well-being and personal health.


Airborne allergens and germs are the banes of office workers everywhere. Pollen and dust tracked in from the outside get trapped in equipment, carpeting, high surfaces, desks and storage units. HEPA filters in the HVAC system can help, but without regular dusting and vacuuming these contaminants can build up to unhealthy levels.

The team at DJS is ready to help you maintain your air quality with our dusting and vacuuming services. We dust high surfaces where most people wouldn’t think to clean, and we can even ensure your computer and copier equipment is kept dust-free. Moreover, we get the dust and other contaminants tracked in from outside out of your carpeting with regular cleaning using our commercial-grade vacuum cleaners. Everyone at your office or business can breathe a little easier with us on the job.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Dirty hard floors are an eyesore, and they require regular maintenance cleaning to keep them presentable. Additionally, the more dirt and grime that builds up on a hard flooring surface, the greater the chance of a slip-and-fall accident. Let DJS keep your floors mopped and waxed, and give your workers and your clientele a safe and attractive surface to walk on.

Value-Added Services: The DJS Difference

By now, you may be wondering how Dallas Janitorial Services is different from any other provider. Other services clean the bathrooms, dust and empty trash, too. We are different not only in the level of excellence we provide but also in the additional services we offer.

Any of the following can be obtained as needed. You get the same great service and professional personnel at a discounted rate for being our valued customer. Other services often must contract these services out, but at DJS we keep everything in the house and pass the savings on to you. Here’s what the DJS Difference looks like:

Carpet Deep-Cleaning

It is important to deep-clean your carpeting with shampoo and steam on a regular basis. Not only does this maintain better air quality, but it also keeps soil and grime from getting a foothold in the fibers. Getting a deep clean every 6 months not only keeps your carpet noticeably cleaner, but it also extends its lifespan.

Window Washing

Whether you have an office or a storefront, dirty windows do not make a positive impression on anyone. Having your windows professionally cleaned on a regular basis helps your business keep its best foot forward and makes your business more inviting inside and out.

Restroom Acid Washing

Over time, the toilets, sinks and floors in your restrooms will begin to show their age. Corrosion, debris and dirt begin to build up, and no amount of elbow grease can make them go away. The best way to get your restrooms back to that like-new appearance is to have them professionally acid washed.

A certified cleaning specialist will use a solution of water and hydrochloric acid to wash away the years and restore your ceramic flooring, toilets and sinks. Not every cleaning service offers acid washing, and DJS offers it at a cost lower than hiring an outside contractor. If you need to put the sparkle back in your restroom fixtures, we can help.

Final Thoughts

You should have a cleaning service that can handle any commercial or office cleaning job regardless of size or unique requirements. Dallas Janitorial Services provides the cleaning you need at the level of excellence you demand. If you’re a Dallas/Fort Worth local business seeking a professional cleaning service, we invite you to visit our website or contact us by phone today. We are a brand apart, and we are eager to welcome you to the DJS experience!

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