Dirtiest Spots Your Office Cleaning Service Should Never Miss

What do you think is the dirtiest place in your entire office?

If you answered the bathroom, then, believe it or not, you might be wrong. It’s a popular answer, though, because everyone thinks of bathrooms when they think of a dirty place that needs to be cleaned. That mindset, however, is the very reason why the answer is incorrect; because everyone knows the bathroom is dirty and should be cleaned, it’s always one of the areas that get the most attention.

Instead, the real question should be: What areas of an office get neglected the most, and are therefore probably the dirtiest? The answer to this question might surprise you. With that in mind, let’s look at the dirtiest spots in your office and talk about how professional cleaning services can help.


Without a doubt, the place in any office that needs the most attention is most likely your desk. Desks are, to put it bluntly, a hotbed for germs. In fact, one study found that the average desk can be up to 400 times as germy as a toilet seat!

Why are they so dirty? Think about it. You spend all day at your desk. You might eat there. You talk to people. You touch everything on your desk at some point during the day, and every other person that comes by touches things as well, whether it’s to hand off papers, pick up a knick-knack in the middle of a conversation, or just brushing by. Throughout the course of a normal day, the average desk comes into contact with quite a few people, and all of those people can leave germs behind.

A professional cleaning service knows the importance of cleaning a desk and the items o it to make sure that everything is clean and able to be handled safely the next day.


As dirty as a desk can be, the dirtiest thing on your desk is definitely going to be your computer. Most people spend hours and hours in front of a computer screen, typing and navigating.

Because of this, the keyboard can get really filthy. Hours and hours each day accumulating dead skin cells, saliva and food crumbs means a typical keyboard is a cleaner’s worst nightmare. Even keyboards designed to keep out food and debris aren’t always successful!

The keyboard might be the dirtiest part of a computer, but often the mouse isn’t that far behind. Every time you touch your mouse you leave behind residue, and over time that can add up to a disgusting soup of germs.

As you can imagine, cleaning a computer correctly and safely can be difficult, as regular spray chemicals can cause electrical problems and even destroy what they’re meant to clean. A trustworthy professional service like Dallas Janitorial Services knows how to clean keyboards and mice safely without the potential for damage.

Coffee pots

Moving away from the desk area, the next most important areas to discuss are communal spaces that are shared by all. While focusing on these areas, in general, is a good idea, it’s important to know what specific spots are most likely to be hotbeds of germs and filth. The first one that comes to mind is the communal coffee pot.

If your office is like most, coffee is an important part of the daily grind. While many modern offices have switched to single-serving coffee makers – which are more sanitary, but still need to be cleaned – the shared coffee pot is still an important part of many office workers’ day. These communal coffee pots get handled by dozens and dozens of people every day, but when the day ends they usually only get rinsed out. Very rarely does anyone actually take the time to thoroughly clean and sanitize the coffee pot and maker. This leads to a situation where germs can thrive, putting everyone in harm’s way.


Another item that’s touched by practically everyone? The microwave. Think about how many people use the microwave on a daily basis to heat their food. That handle gets touched time and time again, and in many cases has probably never even been wiped down. The same goes for the microwave buttons.

A good cleaning service knows that coffee pots, microwaves, refrigerators and other communal, shared spaces and items are possible breeding grounds for all types of filth. Dallas Janitorial Services always makes it a point to focus on these sorts of places, keeping offices and staff safe and clean from germs.

Door Handles

How many doors are in your office? Multiply that number by how many people work in your office. That high number gives you the idea of how many people’s germs you can potentially come into contact with each time you move around the building. While most cleaners wipe down surfaces, floors and other obvious things, you’d be surprised at how many overlook something as basic as the humble door handle. And yet, this is by far one of the quickest ways for harmful bacteria to get transmitted from place to place.


For this last one, you might be thinking to yourself: “Wait, isn’t vacuuming a carpet a pretty basic part of office cleaning? How could this be a problem?

You’re not wrong. Even the most basic janitorial service is going to clean your floors, which includes vacuuming carpets. The problem is that these basic services often stop there, and don’t realize that this only gets the job half done. You see, unlike other floor surfaces, carpets can just get really, really nasty – even when they are cleaned regularly. Dirt, grease, hair, food, dust and other bits and pieces fall onto an office’s carpet non-stop, and a regular vacuuming only gets some of these particles. Over time, even a well-maintained carper just gets gross underneath. If you’ve ever pulled up the carpet that has been down a while, then you’ve seen it for yourself.

A knowledgeable, thorough cleaning service like Dallas Janitorial Services knows this and understands the importance of deep cleaning carpets and other surfaces from time to time to ensure the cleanest, safest environment possible

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As you can see, cleaning an office correctly is more than just wiping down surfaces and vacuuming from time to time. Without the knowledge, training and equipment of professional service, you can find yourself working in an unsafe environment very quickly.

To avoid this, why not contact us at Dallas Janitorial Services today? We are ready to help you make your office safe and germ-free as possible.

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