A Day Worth Commemorating

It seems like there’s a day for everything now.  National Haiku Day, Cherry Cheesecake Day, and even Jelly Bean Day- and that’s just in the last week!  However, today is a very special day, one we fully appreciate here at Dallas Janitorial Services.  Today is Stanley Hudson’s favorite day- Pretzel Day.







OK, maybe that’s not the day you were expecting (although today really is Pretzel Day).

Image courtesy of National Cancer Institute. Photo by Bill Branson.

Today is also National Administrative Professionals Day.  It’s a day to appreciate all the secretaries, office managers, assistants, and others working similar jobs.

Why do we appreciate today?  Because today is for our customers.  We specialize in cleaning for businesses, so many people who schedule cleanings work in an administrative position.  Without these people, our business wouldn’t be as successful.  Because of this, we’d like to offer our thanks to all administrative professionals today.

If you’d also like to show your appreciation, it’s much simpler.  Typically, today is marked by giving a small gift or token of thanks to an admin worker in your office.  Even something as simple as candy can do the trick.  Alternatively, you can give public thanks by posting on social media using #AdminProfessionalsDay.

Either way, be sure to find some way of showing your thanks to the office admin.  They’ll need to stock up on morale today in order to handle all the kids coming in tomorrow.  Did we not mention that tomorrow is yet another national day?  It’ll be National Bring Your Kid To Work Day- don’t forget to bring your kids with you!

-Ryan Derenbecker