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Sometimes, cleaning spaces thoroughly enough that they’re safe and healthy requires harsh materials. As the EPA states, “janitorial services have the potential to have significant negative impacts on the environment and public health.”

This is especially relevant as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic when appropriate, green cleaning services have become more vital than ever. So how do you disinfect, sanitize, and dispose of strong chemicals without harming the environment?

At Dallas Janitorial, strive to be a responsible eco-cleaning company. We follow EPA guidelines to help protect the planet and people’s health. The EPA names a host of recommendations for cleaning products and janitorial service practices that pose a minimal threat to human health and the environment

EPA Materials Guidelines for Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

As an EPA Pollution Prevention program, Safer Choice lists safe cleaning products like specialty cleaners, hand soaps, odor removers, chemical ingredients, and Design for the Environment-certified disinfectants.

Additionally, the BioPreferred program designates eco-friendlly air fresheners, general-purpose and specialty cleaners and solvents, and cleaning tools:

  • Floor, carpet, upholstery, wood, and furniture cleaners
  • Metal cleaners, outdoor cleaners, stone cleaners, electronics cleaners, glass cleaners, countertop and appliance cleaners
  • Medical instrument cleaners, disinfectants
  • Wipes, floor protectors, paper towels, trash bags, and cleaning tools
Modern bright office space
Modern bright office space

EPA Federal Janitorial Services Contract Evaluation Factors

The Environmental Protection Agency also has criteria for federal contracts with janitorial services to ensure sustainable practices. They outline waste management, technical approach and management plan, past performance, previous experience, and staffing requirements.

To contain waste and cleaning materials and limit their impact on the air and waterways, we responsibly manage and dispose of waste, recycling when possible. We do our best to maintain sustainable practices with green janitorial products and practices.

CDC COVID-19 Guidance

The EPA has also listed specific CDC briefs and factsheets regarding Covid cleaning and disinfecting best practices. We now know that contact with surfaces is not the main route of Covid transmission. Soap and detergent cleaning of surfaces is usually sufficient to reduce risk alongside regular hand hygiene and cleaning practices.

To protect the public from Covid and from exposure to the chemicals that minimize spread, Dallas Janitorial commits to green cleaning services with meticulous cleaning of all frequent touch points and safe use of all cleaning materials such as disinfectants.

Frequently Asked Questions

After years of living through a global pandemic, we’ve all become more concerned with cleaning practices.

But cleaning products and waste from janitorial services can contribute to greenhouse gases, pollute waterways, and threaten public health. So, the EPA has various guidelines such as a disinfectant registry and use/safety instructions.

Using registered disinfectants, and using cleaning supplies correctly reduces public health and environmental risks. Recycling, proper waste disposal, and environmentally friendly or green materials help make Dallas Janitorial Services a more sustainable business.

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