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    Need Professional Building or Office Cleaning Services in Lewisville, TX?

    A delightful scent and shimmering floors are what you get every time with Dallas Janitorial.

    Do you get that every time with your current janitorial services? Or do you have to go through that all-too-common experience of endless hassles and frustration?

    Things aren’t cleaned the way you’d like. Did the cleaning professional even clean all the areas they’re supposed to?


    Now it’s time to call your commercial cleaning service and see if you can get a resolution to your concern. After three attempts, still no luck reaching anyone!

    Whoever it is that does the cleaning – you never actually see them – keeps doing the same low quality of work. Customers make comments about the bathrooms. The “Have a comment?” box is filled with negative comments about the cleanliness of your building.

    You know the lack of a professionally cleaned building is killing your business. And you still can’t contact anyone at your commercial cleaning service.

    Lake Lewisville

    Our Lewisville Janitorial Services Makes All These Frustrations Go Away…And You Get Clean Premises at the Same Time

    Don’t you wish you didn’t have to play the manager of your office cleaning service? You want to spend your time doing what you were hired to do, not supervise an outside contractor.

    At Dallas Janitorial, our owner has been in the janitorial industry for years. When you hire us, you do not experience all the common frustrations you expect with your janitorial service.

    And when things do go wrong (because no working relationship is perfect), we have dedicated service managers whose sole job is to address your concerns and make sure you get high quality work. If you’re still not satisfied, which happens only on a very rare occasion, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee in place to cover you. We’ll redo the work that didn’t make you happy completely free of charge. Just let us know within 24 hours of the event.

    And speaking of service, you never have to sign a contract, unless your organization requires one. At Dallas Janitorial Services, we have to earn your business with a consistently high quality of service each and every month.

    You do sign an agreement outlining the services you request – and their costs. But it doesn’t bind you to a certain length of relationship. Simply give us 30 days’ written notice – and you’re free to go.

    How Can We Give You Such High Quality Service?

    We don’t hire just any person to do your cleaning. You only get the best professionals available – and we perform a 100-point inspection of their work to make sure its quality is high every time.

      Here’s what we do to ensure only the best office cleaning professionals work on your building:

    • Very thorough background checks
    • E-verification, which makes sure that person is able to legally work in the United States

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    When you hire Dallas Janitorial, you never have to think about your janitorial service again. All you do is sit back and enjoy your shining, fresh-smelling building – we’ll do the dirty work!

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