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    Commercial & Janitorial Cleaning Service in Carrollton Texas

    Forget About Your Janitorial Services – We Keep Your Cleaning Quality High with Our 100-Point Inspection!

    You know what you’re used to with your current (and past) janitorial services. It’s the same old drill over and over again.

    But maybe, just maybe, with this commercial cleaning company, it’ll be a little different…

    First, there’s lots of argument over the contract. Finally, you sign one that makes you feel trapped. They gave you a nice price discount for agreeing to a couple of years of service.

    They start off doing pretty good work.

    But not too long after your working relationship begins, you get right back to the way things were. The bathroom isn’t quite as clean as you’d like it to be.

    The janitor made some obvious errors, like not cleaning the toilets. It doesn’t even smell clean!

    The floor doesn’t shine either. And sometimes, you’re not even sure the staff showed up and did their job.

    So you get on the phone and call the account manager. Like usual, you don’t get him on the first try, or even the second or third. Sometimes you don’t even get a callback.

    And then it’s up to you to keep the supply closet fully stocked…

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    We Surpass The Industry Standard in Professional Cleaning

    You see, our owner has been in the janitorial industry for more than a decade and knows all the problems you face.

    Sure, you can always get a cheaper price with other janitorial services, but are all the hassles you experience really worth it?

    At Dallas Janitorial Services, we’re the only company in Carrollton, Texas that makes cleaning a true profession. Just like you go out and find the best accountant, we only hire people fully committed to office cleaning.

      And we make sure you get the best possible service by:

    • Assigning a dedicated service manager whose only job is to resolve all your concerns. You will get a satisfactory decision made.
    • Night-time supervisors perform a thorough, 100-point inspection of all the cleaning work done for you.
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    When you hire DJS, you’ll never feel like you have to supervise your building cleaning service. Our professionals take care of all the hard work and they’re 100% hands-off.

    We even restock your janitorial supplies for you.

    You never sign a contract when you choose us. We do ask you to sign an agreement that outlines the services requested and your costs, but it doesn’t bind you to a certain length of a relationship. Just give 30 days’ written notice, and you’re free to go somewhere else.

    Finally, remember our 100% satisfaction guarantee covers you. If you don’t like our quality of service, you can get up to 7 days of work refunded in any 30-day period.

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