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    Need an office cleaning service in Fort Worth, TX? Things to consider:

    Think about the quality of the office cleaning service you get right now. We don’t like to criticize our competitors, but it is okay to discuss the facts honestly.

      Think about the answers to these questions:

    • Do they show up on time to your knowledge? Do they come at all?summer
    • What’s the quality of their work – do you have to call them and ask for touch-up work when they’re done?
    • When you do make a call, do they return it within 24 hours?
    • Or do you have to call them multiple times before you can finally talk to someone?
    • And when you do talk to that person, do they have the power to make a decision?
    • Does your cleaning service do nice things for you, like restocking the supply closet?
    • Now, you know what the answers to these questions should be. But do you actually get that quality of service?
    • Maybe you’ve switched your office cleaning service so much and gotten the same treatment that you’ve come to expect missed spots when cleaning and phone calls they never return.
    • Like it or not, that’s generally the state of the office cleaning industry.

    Dallas Janitorial Services Delivers Amazing Quality Office Cleaning Service – Every Time

    Our owner is a career cleaning professional. Years ago, he owned and operated a few different cleaning franchises.

    Because he had the overall franchise above him, he couldn’t put all the financials and processes together the way he knew it would work best for you the customer.

    With Dallas Janitorial Services, he’s finally been able to do just that. Now, he doesn’t have to pay outrageously high franchise fees that cause him to cut corners and hire incompetent employees.

    Instead, he has all the financials and work processes fine-tuned to deliver you a stellar quality commercial cleaning service – every single time.

    How Our Building Cleaning Services Work

      First, Dallas Janitorial makes sure only the most competent office cleaning heroes do the work. Here’s how that happens:

    • Every worker gets their background checked, has a drug test, and is verified to be 100% legal to work in the US
    • Each lives near your location so they always show up on time
    • They get 2 weeks of intense on-the-job training before working on their own
    • Highly experienced night-time supervisors do a thorough 100-point check on all work done
    • A service manager (who can make decisions) is exclusively dedicated to addressing your concerns as you bring them up

    When all is said and done, you get exactly what you want – sparkling clean floors and fresh-smelling bathrooms.

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    With Dallas Janitorial, you never sign a contract (unless you require one) – so we force ourselves to earn your business every month!

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