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    Janitorial Cleaning for Businesses & Non-profits

    Dallas Janitorial professionalizes the janitorial occupation so you never have to think about your commercial cleaning service again. It’s one of the main reasons we have a 95% client retention rate. We earn your business every month – you never have to sign a contract (unless your organization requires one). You do sign a document outlining the services requested and their cost, but this does not commit you to a certain length of relationship.

    You’re probably used to having to call your janitorial services all the time. Sometimes, you even feel like you are the manager.

      But at Dallas Janitorial, we understand all the pains you experience, like:

    • Having to restock the cleaning supplies
    • Inspecting the quality of the work performed
    • Making sure the janitor showed up and did the work

    What if we could make all those pains go away, and all you had to actually worry about was paying your bill?

    We make that happen because we don’t hire the first people that come knocking at our doors. Instead, we hire highly motivated people serious about their work.

      To make sure that happens, we:

    • Do thorough background checks
    • Only hire candidates that are e-verified to be able to legally work in the US
    • Drug test every employee
    • Trust new employees with easy tasks, allowing them to take on more challenging ones as they prove their skills
    • Hold all employees accountable for their work
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    Our Whole Commercial Cleaning Service is Professionalized

      Besides hiring truly committed individuals to perform your office cleaning services, we also:

    • Have dedicated cleaning inspectors who perform a 100-point check of all cleaning work done for you
    • Assign you your own service manager who’s available to address all your questions and concerns (and has the power to make decisions)
    • Restock all your cleaning supplies so you don’t have to
    When Things Don’t Quite Go Right, We Have a 100% Guarantee Backing Your Janitorial Services

    It’s very rare that something goes wrong to the point where a customer asks for a refund, but it does happen. Remember, you’re not required to sign a contract, so you don’t carry any risk there.

    And if you are dissatisfied with your cleaning services, we’ll redo the work completely free of charge (just notify us within 24 hours of the event).

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